Words of Wisdom #11
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Friday, January 05, 2018
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Happy New Year!

For the Chinese, New Years is a time of great celebration, a time to welcome in a new year. The Chinese/Lunar New Year celebration last for five days. Part of the celebration is the hanging of red scrolls in the home. Each scroll is printed with a wish for a happy and prosperous year. More than two thousand years ago, the great Chinese teacher Confucius made this wish:

I wish to be virtuous, and lo!, virtue is at hand.

A person who is virtuous is one who is good, honest, and fair. Confucius is saying that when we wish to be good, honest, and fair people, what do you know?...we are! Why? Because we make choices that are virtuous.

During this time of New Year, let's join in the celebration by making our own wish. Let's wish for more honesty, fairness, and goodness. The world could use a little more of those, don't you think?

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